About Rhema Planters Media Inc.

We are the PLANTERS that sow the ‘RHEMA’; which is the word of God that needs to be PLANTED in the heart of MEN and allowed to germinate with the help of the Holy Spirit. However, this understanding establishes the fact that planting the 'WORD' is not all that there is to it but making sure that it comes alive. So the effectiveness of this vision gave birth to our guiding Vision.s.

We tell incedible stories in an incredible way! At the conception of RPMI, the professionalism embedded in our works have gradually attracted the attention and encouragements of other aspects of the media which is not limited to Christian film production but documentaries, jingles, promos and especially advertising and commercials.
  • Trainings and Seminars, Auditioning, Talents hunt program
  • Global enlightenment and education in the media sphere.
  • Passion for evangelism through natural talents and endowment
  • Visual and Audio effects to meet with the global standard
The Management is run by a team of young Christian professionals with experience in the film and entertainment industry
...to deliver valued added qualitative films and commercials to our clients and audience with high level of professionalism
To become a house hold name in Christian film industry while delivering highly professional advertising commercials
we discover and develop potential MEDIA ARTISTS through genuine and incorruptible programs

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